Why run Wehe?

Have you ever wondered if your Internet service provider is slowing down certain apps relative to others? Unfortunately, your mobile device and carriers currently give you little or no way to tell if this is the case. With Wehe, we give you a way to test if this is happening to the Internet traffic generated by popular apps.

What does Wehe do?

Wehe uses your device to exchange Internet traffic recorded from real, popular apps like YouTube and Spotify—effectively making it look as if you are using those apps. As a result, if an Internet service provider (ISP) tries to slow down YouTube, Wehe would see the same behavior. We then send the same app's Internet traffic, but replacing the content with randomized bytes, which prevents the ISPs from classifying the traffic as belonging to the app. Our hypothesis is that the randomized traffic will not cause an ISP to conduct application-specific differentiation (e.g., throttling or blocking), but the original traffic will. We repeat these tests several times to rule out noise from bad network conditions and tell you at the end whether your ISP is giving different performance to an app's network traffic.

For more details about our methodology, please check out our technical details page, written both for non-technical and technical audiences.

What have we found so far?

Check out our global statistics page to learn about detected net neutrality violations so far and explore our interactive data visualizations. We also provide specific reports about our findings in the United States and France.

How do I start?

Wehe currently works for both Android (4.4+) and iOS (10.3+). It is beta software, so there are some limitations and we appreciate your patience and help with fixing them. To install:

Alternatively, click here to download the APK.

Privacy policy and consent form

You can find our privacy policy and consent form here.

Screenshots (Android)

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Screenshots (iOS)

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